Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Sent in from Tom, Charter Member of Team STORMBRINGER:

Archery season started October 2. She's an EATER. 2 years old by the teeth.

First blood on new custom knife (and broadheads I wasn't sure about)!

Clean and been eating corn, not a tick on her!

Got a handyman job to do tomorrow and it's gonna be BACKSTRAP TIME!



  1. I hope that knife is a lot sharper than it looks in that picture. LOL.

  2. Funny thing for smart alecks, you can only tell if a knife has a really good edge by looking at it EDGE ON. If you can see the edge, you don't have one. Of course, I reckon I don't know how to sharpen a knife and it took all of 5 minutes to skin that gal. Next time I go deer hunting, you want to come along and sharpen my knives wrong for me?

    I thought it was funny, that there's eleven of these knives sold and I actually PUT AN EDGE ON MINE and used it instead of stuck it in a safe like a yuppie.

    Happy hunting, or not, depending...

    Snark usually isn't funny, and it's really not funny when you comment on a photo where you can't make any judgement related to the one you vomited up.


  3. My my we sure are touchy on this subject arn`t we. Is it be cause all your buds rag on you about the same thing or something like that. The pic shows a knife that looks very neglected. It looks like rust spots on the edge. Or is that just a bit of blood because you were to lazy to wipe it before taking the picture. When I made the original comment I was not trying to be mean or whatever I ended it with a friendly LOL. By the way if you look over the top of my head on my picture you can see what a real dear looks like.

  4. You two stop yer bickering and don't make me come down there with the switch.

    Neck shot?

  5. Blood, proving it was USED instead of a SAFE queen. I cleaned it up after the photo that proved that one of the eleven actually did work instead of was an executive toy. I don't suffer morons, and I shan't suffer you beyond pointing out that commenting on the edge of a slightly bloody Damascus knife, when not looked at edge on, is pretty stupid and makes you about as sharp as a box of rocks, not knives.

    Don't say things to people on the internet you wouldn't say in polite company and they won't punt you in the balls for looking the moron you are?

    Your call. I like laughing at stupid people who think they are smart. Entertain some more?

  6. Neck shot, she was close. Was fast and clean.

  7. For my Number One Fan, some of this is from Weapons Guild and Accurate Reloading Forums, and some of it is ME!

    What I have learned on the Internet:
    1. The proper answer to: Where is the best place to get a steak dinner? is…"you really want pork chops."
    2. Big game animals can tell the difference between .015 of an inch in diameter, 15 grains of bullet weight, and 150 fps.
    3. There is a difference in the performance of two identical projectiles launched at the same velocity if they came from different cartridge brass / chamber prints.
    4. While a double rifle is the perfect DGR, every 375HH bolt gun needs to be modified so it can carry at least 5 besides the one in the pipe.
    5. While a floor plate and a detachable box magazine both use mechanical latches, only the floor plate latch is reliable regardless of the fact that almost every modern military rifle in the world uses a detachable box magazine including those chambered in .50 BMG.
    6. The Remington 700 is unreliable regardless of the fact that it is the choice of more military sniper units and law enforcement agencies than any other rifle on the planet.
    7. Push Feed actions are not suitable for a Dangerous Game Rifle, and it is irrelevant that the M1, M14, M16, & AK47, which were designed for hunting game that can shoot back, are all PF actions.
    8. 95 deg F in Africa is different than 95 deg F in TX or CA and that is why you must worry about ammunition temperature in Africa (despite the fact most "safaris" take place in the winter) but not in TX or in CA.
    9. It is not the size of the ding in the gun's finish that matters but whether or not the ding occurred in the safe or in the field hunting because safe dings are okay but field dings are worse and reduce resale value, rather than enhance it.
    10. Most "internet hunters" are full of shit and have never hunted, nor know how to sharpen a knife or chisel.
    11. Many "Big Game Hunters" call AAA to change their tires and pay people to change their oil.
    12. Reflect on the above and you'll be cranky too, if you didn't learn everything from the internet and are well into middle age.