Saturday, October 30, 2010


A progression?

President Truman in the Lincoln made for President Roosevelt

1950 Lincoln with first bubble top - Eisenhower's idea

1961 Continental X100 - Kennedy was shot in this vehicle

1972 Lincoln - Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan

1983 Cadillac – Reagan

1989 - Used by President George H. W. Bush

1993 Cadillac - President Clinton

2001 Cadillac DTS - President George W. Bush


I can't lay claim to this piece of ingenuity: a friend & Charter Member of Team STORMBRINGER; Code Name CLADIDDLEHOPPER sent this in response to my piece on Racial Profiling:

I sent this in recognition of your post dealing with racial profiling. Of course, the Bernardine Dohrn questioning addresses a different aspect of profiling such as its fallacy but, oh well . . .

I think that like so many other things in life, profiling is a great thing in moderation. In Israel for instance, its highly depended upon for "initial assesments".

To those of you who like to throw the tired, old "racist" stereotype out there - be advised: CLADIDDLEHOPPER is an old comrade-in-arms going back to the early 90's, at one point he was the Equal Opportunity NCO for the US Army Special Operations Command, and without getting too personal I can tell you there is no way on God's Green Earth is he a racist - and neither is this post. In fact I bet right now there's a whole pack of soul brothers out there laughing their asses off because it's just . . . plain . . . FUNNY ! ! !




  1. That is some funny shite. Pretty interesting about the cars too.

  2. Thanks Sean,
    As much as anyone who might be offended knows, all I’m saying is “hey dude, nice car”, (though I don’t really mean it). Actually, I’m only being stereotypical, maybe even offending some by poking fun at another stereotypical depiction, which in no way denotes racial superiority and therefore not meeting the definition of racism. I could be an ass-hole maybe but, not a racist.

    Regarding this President, I strive to be the whole ass and not just the ass hole....jd

  3. I really like the last one. looks like a militarily car, I would love driving this car, but it is so expensive..