Friday, October 29, 2010


Boeing B-17G-65-VE Flying Fortress Picadilly Lilly Serial No. 44-8435
Assigned to First Bombardment Division, 41st Combat Wing, 379th Bomber Group (Heavy), 525th Bomber Squadron
Stationed at USAAC Airfield #117, Kimbolton, England 1944-45

Piccadilly Lilly II
Serial No. 44-83684 was the last active B-17 Flying Fortress bomber in the United States Air Force, and retired in 1959 after nine years as a DB-17P drone director. She is currently part of Edward T. Maloney's aviation collection and is being restored to flying condition at the Planes of Fame air museum, Chino, California.

This aircraft was possibly the last aircraft assigned to the 8th AF / 447th Bomb Group but perhaps not delivered.

This aircraft was used in the Dick Powell Theatre episode Squadron and The Quinn Martin production of Twelve O'Clock High starring Robert Lansing. She was redressed to represent the numerous aircraft which comprised the mythical 918th Bomb Group. She also appeared in The Thousand Plane Raid as well as Black Sheep Squadron.