Saturday, October 9, 2010


The official story is that National Security Adviser James Jones agreed to leave early. But a senior White House aide tells, "the time was right to bring forward his departure."

When James Jones took the job of National Security Adviser to President-elect Barack Obama, he was entering unfamiliar territory. A retired Marine general, he was no stranger to bureaucracy or politics: after all, he had held down the post of Supreme Allied Commander at the politically fraught NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

Yet Jones seemingly never fit in the Obama Whitehouse — a sentiment confirmed Friday, when he announced he was stepping down. But contrary to official reports, there was more to the timing than the ripple effects of Rahm's Emanuel's departure. "We're making a lot of changes now with Rahm leaving, and there was a sense of just, 'Let's get this done now,'" said one senior Obama aide.

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I met General Jone's secretary once, years ago down in Key West. She was a good looking girl in her thirties, and a Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserve. The teamies pushed me in her direction because we were both in the same age group - I was the Old Man on the team, even then. We hung out for a couple of days in Key West - unfortunately it never went anywhere. That was a couple of years before the encounter in the Lesbian bar down there; the two anecdotes are unrelated.

OK, now I can see that I owe you guys the Key West Chronicles - give me a couple of days to get my story straight . . .




  1. A couple days.
    I'll make popcorn.
    Did you ever manage to spend time in the PI?
    As in Olongapo?
    Oh the stories that could be told.
    Might just be an idea for reader submitted tales.
    Or not...

  2. What happens in Key West...................stays in Key West. Just like West Pac when in Seventh Fleet.
    And I am sure the "inner circle" held minimum if no trust at all. They are not overly fond of those of us who go or have gone in harm's way.

  3. Really, what went down in Key West was no big deal - either time.

    It's not as if I'm telling you guys how I earned the name STORMBRINGER - that took place in Okinawa; a Navy chick and a typhoon were involved.

    And yes, I have been to Olongapo - and NO I am not confessing any of my anecdotes from that phase of my life.

  4. Jones out? No problem. I lost all respect for him when he dindn't retire after his stint as Commandant. I lost more respect for him when he signed on under the big 0.

  5. All right all ready, time to stand and deliver on those "no big deals". You give us the sizzle, how 'bout the steak?

    Besides the statuate of limitations has expired.