Saturday, October 2, 2010


From a friend of the Blog-o-sphere whose opinion I respect:


Pictures of showy women and men does not add to the good message of
your site. While it's fun to see scantly clad photos (I prefer
naturally endowed women, btw), that stuff makes your site less likely
for me to recommend to a wider group. The Internet has plenty of photos
of barely clad models; your site reminds us how good it is to be an
American and how to be a better American: with fun and honor.

Charlie Echo


Dear Charlie:
Yeah I know - when I originally started out there were two things I wanted to avoid; politics and eye-candy. I wanted to stand out by featuring posts on National Security, philosophy, military themes, etc.

Then as things progressed, politics intersected when it became overwhelmingly obvious that the current administration's policies were affecting our National Security.

The Babes of Stormbringer grew out of Theo's Totty collection, which I contribute to from time to time. My rational was: I remember back in the good old days when Soldier Magazine used to feature a hot babe in a bikini on the back page, every month. Then, slowly, the girl slowly began covering up, bit-by-bit as the months went by; until at last one day I picked up a copy of Soldier Magazine and there on the back page was a picture of a sergeant, in full battle-rattle with face camouflage. That was the final end of the old Army.

My inspiration with the bikini babes was to go back to the irreverent Good Old Days . . .

. . . perhaps I need to develop the theme a little with some WWII nose art, Lucky Strikes, Terry and the Pirates, etc . . .

Your thoughts?


Please direct your eyes to the poll there on the right; take "Due notice Thereof and Conduct Yourselves Accordingly" . . .



  1. Might I suggest "" with a link thereto for those who desire a bit of diversion after reading of the more serious concerns.

  2. Good points SL.
    Suggestion to your friend....When I forward anything from your site or link to your site, I make sure that I click on the article headline so ONLY that article is forwarded.
    Problem solved.
    People can then look around your site by clicking on your headline and decided for themselves if they want to come back - eye candy and all.

  3. With ya on this one, there Sean. Sometimes it is necessary to make adjustments in how one does things.
    The occasional eye candy is a good thing. And I would venture that most of your readership is from the active, retired, reserve and honorably discharged groups. And then there are those who are simply seeking a very good read.
    Bravo Zulu!

  4. Whats next gun porn? Dude your home do what you want. Someone not like it? No skin off your back.

  5. I love this web site, as an old A-7/FA-18 driver,but I have to admit I vote against the "art" because 1. I am a woman, 2. I keep thinking, gee, I have a daughter that age; I hope she never ends up like that as a piece of meat for guys to drool over, and 3. there is a God, and while He made what you post (minus the plastic surgery of course), I don't think He wanted it posted for just everybody.

  6. I like your site just the way it is.

    You've posted no "skin" that I wouldn't share with my wife, if she was interested. She seems to prefer Thursdays for some reason.

    Some of your "classic art" posts? I don't enjoy. But, it's your blog, so I'll live with it. I have a scroll wheel.

    Your "national security" posts. I read every word and bounce it against things I know.

    I say keep it the way it is...

  7. Hey bro, i gotta say all of us down range love it. you tell it like it is, and you provoke our interests just a tad more with the art work. I'm with the popular vote here, there is a scroll bar. and For what its worth, sex sells. we know this, not only that you've catered to both genders. In my opinion as long as its still taste full 98% shouldn't have a problem with it. other than that keep it, your articles are more news worthy that someones cat got ran over.
    The Phenix

  8. I am for it...I didn't get offended when I saw a dude. Dude did make me kind of cringe though because of the potential "gay" angle, but that is just me. I don't like some hard core heterosexual porn either. I certainly wouldn't want to impose my prejudice on everyone just because I think male homosexuality (or even some heterosexual fetishes) are, well, sickening frankly. But if some like it...let em harm no foul.

    I know a lot of women are disgusted by nudity and exhibition of sexuality. I can only say this. I object more to those women trying to impose their "morals" on society that I do the gay "beefcake".

    In the end it is not the nudity that they object is the fact that the men like it. I think it is more about jealousy than so-called "degradation of women". In the end...I can only say...get over like women...that is why they look. I don't see that as a bad thing.

  9. Sean, you have a great site that does what your mission statement says it will do. The girly pix, (the guy pix too) are put up for "eye candy" and that's fine, but there are a lot of options for nice pix.

    I would like to see some that are not as implicitly sexual in nature. Not all the pictures are that good from an artistic POV. A pinup pic of Betty Grable or Marilyn Monroe looks nicer, allow me to say sexier, than some chick with 40DD boobs spilling out. The imagination is the strongest aphrodisiac. Matter of fact I would enjoy some pictures of cool firearms or customized bikes or hot rods as much as the skinpix. A photo of the Santa Fe Chief roaring along the tracks, maybe a rail dragster at Bonneville @ 240mph.

    If you want to show photos or pictures that are pleasing to the eye and break up the somberness of some of the intel you post by all means show some pinups but also consider what else we might enjoy. The Vargas or Elvgren pix could convey sensuality without being coarse; the nose art of WWII aircraft is a good idea, reminds us of our heritage.

    Circumscribing our desires, keeping our passions within due bounds.

  10. I agree with Charles'.

    OT: check this out:

    I wonder how our British fighting friends are making use of their 400?

    "Charlie Echo"

  11. Sean, just saw your post Monday Mystery Bird and the link to "the backside" (kinda like "below the fold".)

    Eureka! What a good way to have both POVs! Some nifty pic and a link to something a bit more racy.

    King Solomon would approve, and you don't have to sacrifice any hecatombs of oxen.