Tuesday, July 27, 2010


. . . in every war we've been in . . . THIS young punk is our Latest & Greatest . . .

BRADLEY MANNING - Self-Recruited American Traitor, and Douchebag.

SO I WENT TO WIKILEAKS . . . checked out the laundry list of sh*t waiting for me to open it:

The data is provided in HTML (web), CSV (comma-separated values) and SQL (database) formats, and was rendered into KML (Keyhole Markup Language) mapping data that can be used with Google Earth. Please note that the checksums will change.

* Complete dump of the website, HTML format 75 MB
o (SHA1: 80adb634a0d218bd0f9a0f22734e3d2e7e67acfc)
o This is a complete dump of the website at http://wardiary.wikileaks.org. Extract this to your local hard disk and open it with your web browser. Please check the project website http://wardiary.wikileaks.org for the most recent version.
* All entries, CSV format 15 MB
o (SHA1: d6b82f955a7beb9589f92e9487c74669d1912a34)
o Raw data in comma-separated value format for further processing.
* All entries, SQL format 16M MB
o (SHA1: 9463f73ebbcd3f95899a138d6ba9817e1b6b800d)
o Raw data in SQL format for further processing.
* All entries, KML format 16 MB
o (SHA1: 34562c0c7722522161e40330d80ac9082014845f)
o This archive contains all events in one KML file. This file needs much memory if opened with Google Earth.
* All NATO entries, KML format 209 kB
o (SHA1: 088ff8999a316f30e5e398021375fa3b4fc6349e)
o Contains the events that were tagged with NATO.
* Entries by month, KML format 16 MB
o (SHA1: 01a5c0639e1e1e844b10e962a44849b2a521d092)
o This archive provides the entries split by month. This makes it easier to browse the data in Google Earth on low power machines.
* Entries with scale filter, KML format 981 kB
o (SHA1: 4669c721b87775a44472f6688e768305c686beff)
o File that will show a scale corresponding to the number of incidents in Google Earth. Each incident begins with a 0.5 base score, and 0.1 has been added for each incident involving humans. This set of data provides only events that have a scaling of 1.5.

To decompress the files you will need . . .


It occurred to me that if the enemy of my enemy is my friend, then conversely the friend of my enemy is my enemy. This is bad, there is nothing good of this, and this will only help America's enemies . . . now is a good opportunity to remind the American public that the only crime worse than murder is . . . treason .

So Hey There Hero - I hope your fifteen minutes of fame were worth it - 'coz you know you're going to spend a LONG TIME in the Joint - and YOU KNOW they're going to pass you around like the communal hacky-sack . . .

. . . and OH YEAH I nearly forgot - the crew here at Blog STORMBRINGER wants to wish you aREAL SPECIAL Salutations ! ! !


  1. Prison pecking orders are often offense related and in a military prison TRAITOR would rank lower than a snakes arse.

    Save yourself the pain and have your teeth removed NOW.

    I would hope things haven't changed since my day and the staff are the sort of folks that would be thrown out of the Waffen SS for cruelty!

  2. Who in the chain gave he/she forwarding privileges? A fuckin' PFC? Someone was asleep at the switch.
    Who did his/her fitreps?
    Some field grades and or stars are gonna cook over this.

  3. It's true what Skip says about supervision. It appears this punk had little to none.
    That's not an excuse just an observation.
    He'll deserve all the bad headed his way.

  4. If he if lucky they might shoot him instead.

  5. shooting is to good. put him in with the perverts