Sunday, July 18, 2010


The story of the IAF's attack on the Iraqi Nuclear reactor near Baghdad in June 1981.

This is long, but this is well worth taking the time to watch . . . S.L.

I remember learning of this event; it was a grey winter's day In Melbourne - down by Flinders Street they had just installed this huge screen that portrayed the news, streaming in black and white almost digital squares - I looked up and saw a map of the Middle East, some lines indicating the route of the Israeli aircraft, and an atomic symbol near Baghdad and I thought, "Oh my God! They've dropped The Bomb on Baghdad!"

That was a couple years before I joined the U.S. Army . . . never did I imagine that I would end up spending so much of my life in that part of the world . . .




  1. I remember giving a cheer for Israel at the time. Now how do we start a contest to see who can guess when they will do it to Iran. There sure as hell isn`t anyone in the US govt with the balls to do it. I know the US military could probably pull it off any day before coffee time but that ain`t gonna happen with no cajoles in Washington.

  2. Well done, Israel. Great job.

  3. Number one rule: "Protect and Defend"

    I and millions of Americans wish that Obama felt that way. But instead - He not only doesn't even like America, he harbors ill feelings for her.

    But he will be relegated to the trash can of history and vilified as the most despised ever President of the United States.

    God Bless America

    Papa Ray