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This came anonymously to me via the email machine. I do not know who Heather Carlton is, but I can assure you that when and if she ever emerges to contact Blog STORMBRINGER - she will have a permanent seat at our table. - Sean Linnane

Are You an American, or Do You Just Live Here?

By Heather Carlton

Our country has become a country of Americans and other people who just live here. It pains me because I believe that this will change our nation from greatness to mediocrity.

I saw the flag wave as I stood at attention during the playing of our national anthem. It was simply sublime. I could see the tears well up in the eyes of my brother, a twenty-year Army veteran. I could feel the tears in my own eyes. The song pulled at the heartstrings of every member of our family. But not everyone in the crowd felt that way. Not everyone is moved by the ring of freedom.

There are six children in my family, and four of us have served our country. We have uncles who have served, and my grandfathers served. We have a long history of service. There are few citizens in this country who can't find a military member in their lineage. I say "citizens" because this is where I will clarify my statements.

People in our families have served and served with pride in their hearts. When the anthem plays, they remember loved ones and friends who died for this great country and feel proud to have known them. They remember that freedom is not free.

When I watch the news and I see that more of our soldiers have died on foreign ground, it chills me to the bone. It causes my heart to ache for the families and loved ones who have sacrificed it all for our freedom. It has been said that our country is great because "all gave some and some gave all." However, our country is not made up that way anymore.

What has happened to our country? We have become a country of entitlement. Liberals tell us we should allow the illegal immigrants to come here because they are just coming to feed their children, that if you were starving, you would come here, too. They say they are not hurting anyone.

I am here to tell you they are hurting someone. They are hurting us. When Ellis Island was receiving immigrants in record numbers, the people who came to this country came because they wanted to be Americans; they kissed the ground and prayed thanks to God for getting them to this great country and allowing them its vast opportunities. They had to endure great evils and hardships to get here, but they did so happily. They learned our language, and they wanted to assimilate into our culture. They loved America and became Americans.

Now, we are receiving record numbers of illegal immigrants. These people who do not respect our country enough to enter the country properly and legally. They do not care that we have laws, and they bring their own culture here. Many of them do not respect our flag; in fact, they burn it and spit on it in public, periodically. These people are not coming here to be a part of our great country. They want us to learn their language, they want our jobs, and they send money back to support their economy. They do not even plan to assimilate. They will take what they can from our country and leave when it is convenient. These people are weakening our country.

So I say to you: There is a difference between the people who live in America and the people who are Americans. If you are an American, then you should be truly outraged at what is being allowed to happen to our country! You should feel angry over how undeserving people are receiving the freedom and rights that you and your loved ones have fought for and died for. You should feel sad because so many people no longer remember that being an American is really about, and they are all right with settling for just living in America.

Ask yourself. Do I deserve to be here? Do I love this great nation which is unlike any other? Or do I simply reside here? Freedom is not free, and it is not an entitlement. Freedom is ours because of people who loved this country and loved the principles of this country so much that they gave everything they had.

Heather Carlton is a Graduate of the University of Maryland and Veteran of the U.S. Navy

UPDATE: Since I posted this, I have become aware that this piece originally appeared on American Thinker - an excellent blog which I whole-heartedly support. - Sean Linnane


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