Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Viruses all removed . . . part of Symantec went with them . . . spent the better part of last night in the registry editor removing every last trace of anti-virus software so I could re-load Norton 360 . . . now I can't get the computer to connect to the wireless router . . . in the meantime you can get some eye relief on Wednesday's Wench O' the Week: Megan Fox, she's only one of the best looking chicks on the planet . . .


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  1. Got to agree and then say she is one of the most, stupid, clueless, vapid, twits in Hollywierd. Just because your cute does not mean you are smart.

    Sorry, she has said some very anti-freedom things that have run me the wrong way.

  2. He's right Sean, you want to stay well clear of her.

    In fact send her along to me, I can, uh quarantine her haw haw.