Thursday, July 22, 2010


More on this theme from the American Thinker, July 19, 2010:

The Ruling Class Creates its Own Demise - by Henry Oliner
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  1. I can't help but be pessimistic.

    How does McCain even stand a chance? His state is overwhelmingly anti-open border. Yet, for his entire political career he's been pro-amnesty. Somehow he comes off as maverick, when voting like a communist.

    My point being that until I see an actual change, I will not believe it. We get fooled again and again and again. Newt is even bubbling up now.

    You can point at the "country" people and see where they are an angry group. Until that group is willing to admit that every single politician is a liar, gangster, communist, graft taker, they will be fooled.

    Labels like Democrat and Republican, Conservative, and Liberal are all designed to keep the cattle in their chutes and unable to stampede or even smell the slaughterhouse. This article makes that point nicely.