Friday, July 2, 2010



Police survey the area near the bombed out forces recruitment centre in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. No one was in the office at the time of the explosion. (Sylvain Mayer/Canadian Press)

Quebec provincial police say they are taking seriously a claim of responsibility for an explosion early Friday at a Canadian Forces recruitment centre in Trois-Rivières, Quebec.

A group calling itself Résistance Internationaliste sent a statement to the newspaper La Presse saying it was responsible for the blast, according to the paper.

The group, which has previously claimed responsibility for two other attacks in Quebec, claims that it is against the against militaristic ideals and practices of the Canadian State.

STORMBRINGER: This the same Canada that barely has a standing Army we're talkin' about here?
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  1. Maybe they're mad about the Canadian Carrier Task Forces? Seems pretty excessive to have a fleet that size to me, too :-)

  2. Know where Canadians keep their armies?

    Up their sleevies.

    Couldn't resist a variation on "Newfie" jokes.
    I lived in Canada for a few years after I got out of the Army ... honorable discharge 22May68 and don't even think otherwise. Ahem.

    Yes I know who Bud the Spud is, do you?

    In 1971 Canada's population was around 25 million and as a country they had the second largest land mass, behind the then Soviet Union. Big borders and small armed forces.

    Some of the Canadian Forces are noble warriors; the PPCLI, or Princess Pats comes to mind. That's the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry. They fought well in WWII and Korea. By and large however Canada is a peaceful nation and so does not emphasize hard and strong. The image on the world stage is rather soft in my opinion. The pacific nature even extends to the crims. Montreal bank robbers were well respected on both sides of the law, these guys were pros that worked clean: get in, get the moola, get out, no muss no fuss no bloodshed. Even the the Quebecoise that get all militant, the ones that want to seceed from Canada and run around speaking French all day long, they aren't long on violence. Look at this recent post, the building they blew up was unoccupied. I bet they planned it that way.
    I imagine that has changed with the times. Immigrants to Canada, there's a bunch of hard guys coming in.

    BTW check out the Canucks' economy. They are doing better than we are down here.

    Bob & Doug McKenzie, Red Green, ah the Great White North.

  3. Hey Charles I know about Bud The Spud! Tom had a great song book and all original. My favourite 2 were The Ballad Of Muk Tuk Annie and for a complete turnaround The Tea Pot Song about some folks in Skinners Pond Toms home village in PEI. His music if anyone payed attention is the story of Canada during his hay day. Sudbury Sat Night was really good to.