Friday, July 16, 2010


STORMBRINGER Science Department is desperately seeking a method to bring a living Lava Lamp onto the BlackBerry of Sean Linnane- if you know how, feel free to speak up; hit "Email STORMBRINGER" to the right, there.

- Sean Linnane

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  1. It's not so easy but here is an article I found that might let you do it.

    .avi, .3gp, .mp4, .mov, .wmv are all supported video formats for BlackBerry devices but there are limitations imposed on these types of files. Extracting the information from above, all of the files are limited to 320 x 240 resolution (aspect ratio). This is basically the size of the video as it will appear on your BlackBerry screen, similar to WideScreen and FullScreen aspect ratios that are so relevant in the DVD world.

    The next item to address is the limitation of 800Kbps you see above. This is relevant to the quality of the encoded file, and by quality I mean clarity of the file itself. If a video file is encoded in a lower kbps it will look grainy and pixelated.

    The next item to address is the frames per second (FPS). Now while this is a highly technical aspect of filming in television and video, I’ll try to explain it as easily as possible, or better yet, the problems that can arise from not assigning the right FPS to a video that you are trying to convert for your BlackBerry device. Every video that is filmed or captured has to have an appropriate FPS to it otherwise things filmed will look like they are either moving too fast on the video or possibly even too slow, as well, this may cause problems with audio when converting for BlackBerry devices, or any other devices for that matter such as PSP, Home DVD’s etc. If the right FPS is not used you may find that audio will be out of sync on your videos. I realize that the specifications call for a range of 24 to 30 FPS for all videos to fall under the compatible category, but honestly this will be based more on the programs used to encode the video files than anything. It really is trial and error when selecting a the right FPS, and we'll dive into that further next.

    Applications Available For Encoding Files For BlackBerry

    When it comes to encoding files to be compatible with BlackBerry devices their really are many choices out there, both free and paid applications, depending on your personal preferences of course.

    We’ll start with the more commonly known application - BlackBerry Desktop Manager's Media Manager of course!


  2. Linked you. Have a great weekend!