Sunday, July 18, 2010


Headquarters for Team STORMBRINGER Middle-East Operations has a spacious, 164-foot-long infinity pool flanked by shady, palm-studded islands. The water is temperature controlled, so it's always an oasis-like 84 degrees.

Uncle Stormy's Romanesque Villa de Tempest at the highest point in the sun-splashed Amalfi Coast, Italy; the open-air infinity pool offers unobstructed, panoramic views of one of the world's most dramatic coastlines — and the sea beyond.

When the DragonLady learned that I spent six months training and operating with the Hong Kong Constabulary Special Duties Unit, she shut me out and never spoke to me again. This photo is from happier days - DragonLady's "Endless Horizon" pool creates the almost unnerving illusion that you're floating in Victoria Harbor.

Many billionaires own their own island. Why think small? The STORMBRINGER corporate estate is a virtual city-state of warriors. Miles long, the saltwater pool requires small sail craft to navigate one's way across it.

For communing with the MotherShip and conducting Astral Travel, the temperature-controlled beach inside the pool's centrally located glass pyramid—the water and the sand are heated.

Located inside that hollowed-out volcano infiltrated by James Bond in You Only Live Twice - Team STORMBRINGER Combat Diver Training Facility has jaw-dropping vistas of Tokyo-by-Night and even venerable Mount Fuji.

Inside the massive, 347-room Palais de STORMBRINGER, Uncle Stormy fashions his life in the way of the Roman Empire via this serene, temperature-controlled 125,000 gallon bath tub.

Statues of mythological animals along the pool's perimeter at Team STORMBRINGERs private Southeast Asian R&R hideout.

Waterboarding Facility at Team STORMBRINGERs secret operational base.


The Pool of STORMBRINGER featuring my Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the Fruits of my Labor on a hot, Sunny Summer Afternoon:




  1. Beautiful pix, Sean.

    Chasin' the dragon has its benefits, haw haw.

    Actually I prefer the reality check. That looks like real pleasure there.

    Make mine med rare SVP.

  2. WOW! That was an interesting post.
    Enjoy for sure.

  3. Where did you procure the canvass shade sails over the pool? I have been looking for that exact thing.

  4. and you have me out on point living in a tent breaking trail polishing ammo. Skullhead