Sunday, July 18, 2010


Headquarters for Team STORMBRINGER Middle-East Operations has a spacious, 164-foot-long infinity pool flanked by shady, palm-studded islands. The water is temperature controlled, so it's always an oasis-like 84 degrees.

Uncle Stormy's Romanesque Villa de Tempest at the highest point in the sun-splashed Amalfi Coast, Italy; the open-air infinity pool offers unobstructed, panoramic views of one of the world's most dramatic coastlines — and the sea beyond.

When the DragonLady learned that I spent six months training and operating with the Hong Kong Constabulary Special Duties Unit, she shut me out and never spoke to me again. This photo is from happier days - DragonLady's "Endless Horizon" pool creates the almost unnerving illusion that you're floating in Victoria Harbor.

Many billionaires own their own island. Why think small? The STORMBRINGER corporate estate is a virtual city-state of warriors. Miles long, the saltwater pool requires small sail craft to navigate one's way across it.

For communing with the MotherShip and conducting Astral Travel, the temperature-controlled beach inside the pool's centrally located glass pyramid—the water and the sand are heated.

Located inside that hollowed-out volcano infiltrated by James Bond in You Only Live Twice - Team STORMBRINGER Combat Diver Training Facility has jaw-dropping vistas of Tokyo-by-Night and even venerable Mount Fuji.

Inside the massive, 347-room Palais de STORMBRINGER, Uncle Stormy fashions his life in the way of the Roman Empire via this serene, temperature-controlled 125,000 gallon bath tub.

Statues of mythological animals along the pool's perimeter at Team STORMBRINGERs private Southeast Asian R&R hideout.

Waterboarding Facility at Team STORMBRINGERs secret operational base.


The Pool of STORMBRINGER featuring my Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the Fruits of my Labor on a hot, Sunny Summer Afternoon: