Sunday, July 25, 2010


Some disturbing information has come my way in the past twelve hours regarding Pat Condell, the British comedian I featured for Saturday morning's post:

I'm not always right and I depend on YOU the STORMBRINGER Underground Auxiliary Force and my extensive personal intelligence network to keep me informed and up-to-date on what's going on around us everywhere, 24-7.

In this case it was David of Galut, Israel who brought to my attention the whole story on Pat Condell. That's his "license plate" to the right there in the coveted BLOG OF THE NANOSECOND box.

Bottom line: Pat Condell is a study in intolerance; the man not only speaks out against radical Islam, he also spouts twisted views on Judaism and Christianity, claiming they are an "insult to humanity", stereotypes all religious Jews, claims scripture and prophesy reflect "insanity", promotes the destruction of Jerusalem, and promotes the idea that Jews should "let go" of Jerusalem.

Basically, Pat Condell is anti-Christian, anti-Israel, and anti-Jewish. This is not the STORMBRINGER way.

Check It Out:

If you're against Israel you're not only against . . .

. . . a cool beach country infested with topless chicks . . .

. . . a land with a mighty warrior ethos, our only friend in a VERY rough neighborhood;

You're also against the land that just so happens to be the cradle of our civilization . . .

. . . the birthplace of two of the world's greatest faiths that together contributed significantly to the establishment of the United States of America:

For all you anti-Israel trolls out there; remember this truism - "If the Arabs ever decide to lay down their arms, there will be peace in the Middle East. If the Israelis lay down their arms, there will be no more Israel."

Earlier today, it was suggested to me that the reason Christians promote Pat Condell despite knowing his anti-Christian views, is that they hate Islam more than they love Christianity. I responded that as a Christian I don't hate I forgive; I saw the true meaning of the word 'hate' in the former Yugoslavia and I am not capable of that kind of emotion.

I have said it before - most recently here - I am tolerant, and I do not believe we should exclude the good Muslims from our side in the struggle against hate and intolerance. When they called it the "Global War on Terror" it was a misnomer, in that Terror is not the enemy; it is a tactic, nothing more. The enemy are radical Fundamentalist Islamist thugs; and they have killed a thousand times more Muslims than they have Christians.

For if we do allow this to become a religious war, then we are no better than the worst of them, we would have succumbed to their own perverted mindset, this thing will then evolve into a true two-way religious war, and they will win, for that is what they want.

This is a basic tenet of the Philosophy of STORMBRINGER.

Having said that, the entire concept of a 13-story Super Mosque at Ground Zero is about as wrong as two dogs f*cking on the White House lawn, and the best thing we can do about it is pull up a semi-trailer loaded with live hogs up to the front doors of the place and let the swine run hog-wild through there.

More to follow on the outrageous insult to freedom that is known as the Cordoba Mosque at Ground Zero.


  1. Being a retired OTR trucker I would be glad to help you haul a few loads of hogs in there and turn them loose. I have had experience hauling livestock and if done late at night it could be done. Great idea. On the other side of your stance... I do not believe after what I have learned about the Koran that there is any such thing as a tolerant or moderate Muslim. If they are Muslims they have no choice in what parts of the koran they will live by. The Koran is actually a book of instructions on how they MUST live their lives. Because of abrogation I believe the Islamic experts call it the peaceful passages in the Koran are negated by the later offerings of Mohammed and they are instructed quite literally to live as he did. All the things they do that are so repugnant to us such as stoning rape victims, honour killings, killing infidels you know all the good stuff is how that book orders them to live. I am not trying to be a smart ass by saying this. It is serious stuff. I would urge your to do some serious research into this. I know it took me by surprise about 4 years ago when I first started looking into it.

  2. They can build the mosque, when we can build churches and synagogues in Mecca. Or Medina.

  3. Oh, wait... That would be against the Koran.

    Eff 'em.

  4. We have the hogs! Just let us know how many and when....

    Maine hog farmer

  5. I agree with seadog; as soon as the "muslim dominant" countries, like Arabia, start becoming as tolerant as we are, maybe...but that's never going to happen, is it?
    So, how EXACTLY did some idiot allow these insensitive b@st@rds to BUY land so close to Ground Zero? And what the ^%$# do these NY politicians think they're fooling around with? Do those idiots REALIZE how many New Yorkers were affected by the attacks on September 11th? And these cordoba b@st@rds have the unmitigated audacity to want to open their cesspool on the 10th anniversary of this attack?!?!

  6. Apparently you don't know many militant leftist atheists. Which is surprising since they pretty much doninate the internet - and our popular culture in general. They hate all religions and anyone who believes in God(s).

    Well, that's not really true. In reality, the atheist community directs 99.999999% of their hate at Christians and Christianity. And Christians have become pretty numb to it by now.

    What makes Pat admirable is that he actually has the balls and knowledge to criticize Islam. That makes him an oddity, not just in the atheist community, but in the world.

    Most people are totally ignorant about Islam (and how evil it is) and are afraid to criticize it out of fear of being killed by Muslims or because they're afraid of being called "racist", "bigotted", "intolerant", "Islamophobic", or my favorite - "ignorant"...

    Pat is just mixing in his atheism with his retarded leftist world views. Such as his hatred of Israel - which is so common in far left dominated Europe (and America). And his hatred of Christianity is like the central pole-star of modern atheism and is therefore not surprising in the slightest.

    It's also important to remember that atheists are almost always far, far left wing. Not to mention immature and just generally douchebags. Therefore you should come to expect some really ridiculous opinions spewing out of their mouths.

    I pretty much just avoid his other videos and only watch his Islam basing vids - which are excellent. It's what he's most famous for. Since his criticisms of Christianity have already been played to death.

    I also take issue with your assertion that he's advocating religious warfare or violence. I've never seen him advocate any such thing. You're simply overreacting to his criticisms of Islam and protraying it as an advocations for violence.

    You can ridicule, insult, belittle, and hate Islam all you want without harming a single person. By declaring that borderline hate speech ~you're~ the one playing into the Islamists hands - not Pat.

  7. One of the old school, badass ANA officers we worked with up in Mazar brought in pigs to clean up a very stupid suicide bomber's remains (only killed himself and some poor, helpless worms) and they stopped suicide bombing us for a while.

    Anyways, I love Israel and Mr. Condell but not in a Bacha Bazi way, except for the beautiful women of Israel; I'd love them everyday if I was still there. But back to what I was talking about, these Muslims that are doing this are huge douchecanoes made out of shit.

  8. im am atheist! i consider myself right of center so stick that in your pipe n smoke it! im no douchebag either. just because we dont believe in goblins and unicorns and have grown out of fairy tales dont make us bad either. i would respect the right for peace loving religions to preach and practice. but islam is an ideoligy a way of life not a religion and an evil ideoligy it is too. so respect to my christian brothers for you are my brothers even if i follow no god, i will stand beside you when the time comes.

  9. Stand up for Freedom!

    Nicola - Venice, Italy