Saturday, July 10, 2010


The STORMBRINGER Cyber War Phenomenon - inside the Halls of Memory

After more than a week of crunching numbers, cleaning out the Registry Editor file by file, byte by byte in a desperate struggle against a robust Trojan Horse virus masquerading as an anti-virus file, uninstalling and reinstalling software - STORMBRINGER is proud to announce that We Have Overcome a particulary nasty cyber attack, and have emerged triumphant!

STORMBRINGER Software Amazons conducting the Cyber War equivalent of a FULL COURT PRESS on the STORMBRINGER Operating System

Decades ago in a previous lifetime, one evening in the Ninja Bars of Kadena Circle, it was explained to me that the weapons of the Modern Day Samurai are the submachinegun and the computer. At the time, the very concept of geeks and the computers they lived by was enough to strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest, boldest warrior . . . since then I have learned to live - and love - our digital assistants . . .

. . . I am not the greatest of cyber warriors, I am not even a great cyber warrior - all I have now to say for myself is: "Sensai, I have arrived . . ."


SPECIAL THANKS to all STORMBRINGERS who stood by and offered assistance during this difficult time - My hope is now to restore the quality of posts to previous standards - Blog STORMBRINGER is refitted, restored to full operational capabilities and running at FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!



  1. Speaking from the geek-side, at first (a couple of years ago), it surprised me that the BGs continued to resist in the face of the increasing technology. "They're doomed," I thought. "No way they can hide from our technology."
    Many years and several battles later, I now understand it's both more complicated, and more simple than that.
    Because the BGs don't understand what we have, they continue to fight in near hopeless ignorance.
    And because the smart BGs understand the psychological approach, they will always have a fresh supply of cannon fodder refilling their ranks.
    And as it has always been, it will be the boots on the ground moving from door to door and checking room by room that will be needed to stamp it all out.
    Technology can help and where my efforts have made some small contributions, I am very glad to have done so.
    But it's still the rifleman that does the dirty work, that finishes the job.
    With the deepest of humility, I salute you.

  2. Off Topic? Maybe but in the big picture of what has happened to the U.S. in the last thirty or so years, worth putting down here.

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  3. Yea I am having a problem with a remote drive. It is working but I am unable to access it. It is either a virus, a corruption or something else very weird. Usually I am good with these things but this is a real puzzle. Can you tell me more about your attack? Also I can tell you there is some new MS software available. I downloaded it today, it is free. You may benifit.

  4. The best anti-virus/trojan/worm software I have found is "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware."

    About one year ago one of my PCs caught a rather nasty and persistent b*stard! I tried everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING including Microsoft tech assistance) but nothing could kill this litter bugger! That is, until I tried Malwarebytes.

    They have two versions at their web-site:

    • Free version download (this is what I used)
    • Full version with some extra bells & whistles (cost = $24.95 per license)

    If you are interested, here is their URL:

    BTW, I do not work for this company, nor do I have any attachment with them. This is just a recommendation from a worn-out retired Marine.

    Semper Fi!

  5. Thx Ish

    ChkDsk formatted it. The only thing left is maybe recovery software.

  6. Recovery unsuccessful. Drive is repaired. Lost some data. 98% was deep archived on another drive. It's all inconsequential; life goes on. If it was an attack, the attacker was about as successful in doing any real damage as a teenage vandal.

    I feel sorry for anyone who isn't prepared for this kind of attack (or damage) It is rare but when it happens it can be disappointing.