Thursday, July 15, 2010


And . . . here we have an industrious Mexican national, just simply on her way to visiting her friends and relatives across the international border in Arizona, all the while passing through the port of entry at Nogales, Arizona probably daily. After all, she's 94 years old, so what harm could this poor aged Mexican woman do?

But wait . . . what's all that padded stuff taped to her body, underneath her dress? Well, after the dress was removed, loooookeeee what we have here. Why it's 10.5 pounds of marijuana! Can we blame her, after all, she's probably just supplementing the U.S. social security check she gets monthly at her P.O. box on the American side. And one can't help but wonder how many of these trips has she already made across the border, into the U.S., toting 10+ pounds of marijuana per crossing.

POEM - Illegal Immigrants

I cross river, poor and broke,
Take bus, see unemployment folk

Nice man treat me good in there,
Say I need go see Welfare

Welfare say, 'You come no more,
We send cash right to your door.'

Welfare checks, they make you wealthy,
Medicaid it keep you healthy!

By and by, Got plenty money,
Thanks to you, TAXPAYER dummy

Write to friends in motherland,
Tell them 'come, fast as you can'

They come in buses and Ford trucks,
I buy big house with welfare bucks

They come here, we live together,
More welfare checks, it gets better!

Fourteen families, they moving in,
But neighbor's patience wearing thin

Finally, white guy moves away,
I buy his house, and then I say,

'Find more aliens for house to rent.'
In my yard I put a tent

Send for family they just trash,
But they, too, draw welfare cash!

Everything is very good,
Soon we own whole neighborhood

We have hobby it called breeding,
Welfare pay for baby feeding

Kids need dentist? Wife need pills?
We get free! We got no bills!

He pay all year, To keep welfare running here

We think America darn good place!
Too darn good for white man race

If they no like us, they can go,
Got lots of room in Mexico!


  1. WOW!! That sure does seem like a lot of drugs to me.

    I wonder if a judge will actually sentence her to prison time though. I am thinking that at 94, no judge will.

    The crossing at Nogales is looks intimidating but all the rumors I have heard it is rather easy to cross there.

  2. OK who ever released these photos is going to get this lady of an old lady in her under wear!?!?!!??!??!
    How humiliating.
    Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds too screwy...but some libtard layer is going to go apeshit over this "total lack of respect" for the elderly.

  3. Obama, who got into office through Bush's moronic behavior and McCain's RINO mindset is intentionally destroying America. Mexicans were just a convenient tool to further that goal