Saturday, July 31, 2010


The terrorist attack on the hydropower station in the Caucasus Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria on 21 July which killed two police guards has stirred fears that Islamist militants might start pursuing other economic targets.

The attack, which saw three to five gunmen break into the 25-megawatt station and plant five bombs on the premises, marks a milestone for Islamist militants, who have threatened to attack economic targets across Russia since at least 2009 but never before succeeded. The assailants fled the scene following the attack. Authorities claim to know the identities of the assailants, and some reports indicate that the same individuals might have attacked a nearby police station with grenade launchers prior to the power plant incident.

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  1. So by attacking these economic strutures you are going to force people into believing in your brand of religion?

    I saw a couple of videos of Israelies blowing away terrorists that used bulldozers to attack police vehicles.

    Pure and simple pleasure in that viewing...normal people taking time off in their day to eliminate a couple of cancers in their midst.

    Seems to me that the Russians should have the same sort of justice available.