Saturday, July 31, 2010


Obama Reveals Key To His Character

By Ronald Kessler

If you want to know what makes President Barack Obama tick, take a look at his explanation for why Israelis have turned against him.

During an interview with Israel’s Channel Two, Obama was asked why he thinks Israelis mistrust him.

“Some of it may just be the fact that my middle name is Hussein,” he told the interviewer, “and that creates suspicion. Some of it may have to do with the fact that I have actively reached out to the Muslim community, and I think that sometimes
­particularly in the Middle East ­there’s the feeling of the friend of my enemy must be my enemy.”

In two sentences, Obama revealed the key to his character. Of course, the reason Israelis and a growing number of American Jews mistrust Obama is that, contrary to his claim of being a friend to Israel, he has actively sided with Israel’s enemies and dissed Israel.

The fact that Obama would take such a well-known fact and turn it into another slam against Israelis demonstrates Obama’s disingenuousness, his arrogance, and his obsessive need to blame everyone but himself for problems he has created.

“During the campaign, more Israelis supported him than did not support him,” says Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America. “And 78 percent of American Jews cast their ballots for Obama, knowing what his middle name was. Israelis like King Hussein, who has the same name.”

Klein says, “It is insulting to say Israelis have turned against Obama because of his name. It means that the Israelis are bigots against Muslims simply because they are Muslims. Of course, the reason Jews are turning against Obama is his policies. It has to do with him very unfairly pressuring the Israelis and not pressuring the Muslims and blaming Israel for all problems in the Middle East. It was only after he
became president and Israelis became aware of his actions and policies that his positive support among Israelis vanished.”

Nor, Klein says, does the turnaround have anything to do with the fact that Obama is
reaching out to Muslims. He notes that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also been reaching out to Muslims.

“Nobody is angry at him for that in Israel,” Klein says. “Obama’s remark was really disgraceful.”

Yet blaming others and not taking responsibility is as fundamental to Obama’s style as apples are to apple pie.

Obama blames George W. Bush for handing him a growing deficit. Never mind that, because of Obama’s wild spending spree, the national debt will double by 2019, threatening the country’s stability. Under Bush, annual federal spending
totaled $24,000 per household. Obama would increase that spending under his budget plan to more than $36,000 per household by 2020.

Meanwhile, Obama is lecturing Great Britain, which is cutting government spending across the board by 25 percent, that it should reverse course and instead increase spending.

We have in the White House a president who not only disclaims responsibility for his own actions but also concocts stories such as the claim that Israelis don’t like him because his middle name is Hussein.

That is not leadership. It is demagoguery.

Ronald Kessler is chief Washington correspondent
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  1. He was born a Muslim and once a Muslim always a Muslim unless he rejects the teaching he is still a Muslim!

  2. Three words....Sarah, Sarah, Sarah!

  3. I didn`t like him from day one and was pulling for Hillary to be the Dem candidate. I figured with the Clinton memories so fresh the Rep. would win handily even with McCain running. When he won the election I thought well thats not so bad. He can only screw up so much in one term. WOW what an underestimation! Now I pray that he will only be there for one term because if something happens that he wins a second one the USA as we know it may get flushed down the crapper. In fact he has his hand on the handle and is starting to push down and he is only half way through his first term.