Friday, July 30, 2010


Turkish hackers circulated user names and passwords belonging to more than 100,000 Israelis, including those from major financial corporations, government ministries and data security companies, Haaretz reported July 21. Many of the user names were seized in an attack on, a real estate classifieds website. Among the Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo e-mail addresses were 17 belonging to Israeli Justice Ministry employees, 10 belonging to Bank of Israel employees, as well as a handful of employees at Israel 's Interior Ministry, Finance Ministry and the Securities Authority.

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This is significant for two reasons: FIRST; this may very well signal the first dedicated cyber assault of one nation against another in conjunction with a political issue; i.e. "diplomacy by other means", i.e. WAR; and SECOND it is a Muslim country that is initiating this historic attack. - STORMBRINGER SENDS

You know whose side WE'RE on in this . . . - S.L.

"Visit Israel before Israel visits YOU."


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